Stonesetting Tips
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Setting Gemstones in jewelry is one of the more demanding
tasks a Bench Jeweler faces. 

This website is designed to help jewelers learn and improve their stonesetting skills.

Articles and tips on stonesetting, gemstone setting, and diamond setting, and using jeweler’s setting tools are all included.  Setting stones in Prongs, Bezels, Channels, Pave, Bead and Bright cut, and Flush setting are all covered plus more.  Setting Round, Oval, Square, Baguette, Princess, Marquise, Pear, Heart, and other shaped stones in jewelry are taught.  Jeweler’s tools and equipment for setting stones and diamonds are explained including flex-shafts, burs, drills, gravers, saw frames, sawblades, hand tools, and micro motors.

Here you will learn all about setting gemstones in gold and platinum jewelry.  Short tips and tricks as well as full length articles on various techniques, and even some videos so you can see how it is done are included.  Plus learn about different events including seminars, workshops, and TV shows that can help you improve your stonesetting skills.

Learn safe and efficient techniques to setting stones without fear of damaging them.  This website includes everything from basic Prong Setting to advanced instruction in Pave, Flush, Channel, V-Prongs, and Many Other Setting Styles.  All shapes of Diamonds, Colored Stones, and Fragile Stones are included.  You’ll learn techniques that dramatically improve your skills while avoiding many of the pitfalls common to stone setting.  You’ll learn Skills, Techniques, and Tips designed to take the frustrations out of setting stones.

You’ll learn fundamental setting procedures as well as advanced techniques.  You’ll take pride in your setting work once you learn the practical techniques taught here.  In addition to the many setting techniques demonstrated, tool modification and numerous tips are also included.